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Price: £1295
Fuel Type: petrol
Year: 30-JAN-200

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Used Car Dealers Dundee

The Automarket is the place to find used cars across Dundee, Tayside and Fife!

All the cars shown here on The Auto Market are advertised for car dealers in Dundee and Tayside so you can quickly find your next used car and contact the car dealer directly through this website. We currently have a wide range of used cars advertised here so your next used car could be just a click away.

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To find your next used car, simply click the  next to each car and add all of your favourites to your own compare list. You can then compare your favourites side by side in your own mini showroom - your list will show the details you need and allow you to match up the details to your budget and needs.

Car Finance Dundee

All of the used cars have a finance calculator attached to their details so if you find the right deal to suit your budget you can go ahead and quickly ask the car dealer to do a finance check for you and get approval within 24 hours.

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Add your favourite cars to Facebook directly from the Automarket website and get your friends feedback on your next new car! Next to every used car for sale is a Facebook button which will send the basic details of any car directly to your Facebook page and allow your friends to be involved in the buying of your new car.

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If you know what type of car you would like, you can select your favourite car body type or manufacturer from the left hand menus. This will allow you to quickly find the right used car for you. You can then filter the cars by price to ensure you are getting the used car that is closest to your budget.

Are you a used car dealer in Tayside?

If you are a used car dealer in Tayside and would like details about how to add your used cars to The Automarket, why not give us a call today on (01382) 234 010 and we will be glad to talk about how you can add your cars today.

We can have an account set up for you within the hour and your cars can be live right away. As soon as you have set up your subscription to the Automarket we will give you direct access to your own admin section which will then let you add as many or as little used cars as you have. The cars are live as soon as you have completed the listing and are live until YOU remove them. You can add as many or as little photos or information to each car plus the exact car model and make are auto added to ensure your car is in the right place here on the site.

Your account can be set up within minutes so your cars could be online and in front of buyers within the hour!

Featured used Cars

Every week one car dealer will have the opportunity to choose their 'car of the week' where your best car will be shown on The Automarket Home page.  This gives your new clients a chance to see your best car first!!

In addition, we are also offering one car dealer per week to take advantage of our 'featured cars' which allows you to feature 6 of your best cars, again on The Automarket Home page and the opportunity to attract more new customers to your dealership.